Set your invitation apart simply by selecting a font style (typeface) that suits and or a material that reflects either your taste or your pocket. Please refer to our fonts and materials by name (as shown) when making your enquiry on the ‘contact us' form.

Linens - White linen, Natural white linen, Black linen, Navy linen

Mirror Boards - Blue mirror board, Bronze mirror board, Fuscia mirror board, Silver mirror board, Gold mirror board, Green mirror board, Purple mirror board, Red mirror board

Ribbed - Silver grooved, Wine groved, Copper grooved, Ivory grooved

Frosted Papers - Bronze frost, Ivory frost, Electric blue frost, Sky blue frost, White frost

Suedes - Black suede, Blue suede, Chocolate suede, Lilac suede, Green suede

Chrome Papers - Black chrome, Silver chrome, Gold chrome, White pearl chrome

Silk Cards
- Navy silk, White silk, Black silk, Ivory silk

Fonts -
Dauphin, Bickham, Bickham fancy, Medici, Snell, Staccato, Zapf, Demi, Zaph italic ….and many more.

All these fonts are available to be shown to you upon request. We can email them to you before setting your invitation.

  Ribbons - White satin or voile, Gold satin or voile, Silvery satin or voile, Cream satin or voile, Lilac satin or voile, Pink satin or voile, Mint satin or voile, Blue satin or voile, …………..can be added to any invites.